Degree in musical interpretation -

Degree in musical interpretation

Degree in musical interpretation

Focused as a Cyclo de Perfeccionamiento and specialization, this degree is distributed in four courses, grouped in two cycles of two years each.

The first two are common to all students in terms of structure and sequential contents. The last two are aimed at the instrumental or theoretical specialization of the student, not only in the field of style, but also between the theoretical and the pedagogical instruments. Undoubtedly, pedagogical specialization must be a very important curricular division in the face of the need to create future instrumental and theoretical pedagogues in the face of the lack of qualification and specification of this professional branch, almost non-existent in the current musical scene. Even so, this pedagogical itinerary must be supported by an instrumental and practical solvency as important as the concertistic or instrumental-orchestral itinerary itself, since the basis and the pedagogical doctrine adopted in each case must be able to be guaranteed by means of a Instrumental solvency seamless and with a minimum experience required in the practical field.

The Higher Degree is an extension and improvement of the acquired and practical content during the Professional Cycle. Therefore, the mastery of the theoretical subjects of the Professional Cycle must be an indispensable requirement to face the new academic challenges in any of the cases: either to develop the Higher Degree in Composition, Orchestra Direction, etc. … or to deepen the requirements and complexities of an instrumental and orchestral repertoire of professional level, taking into account all the degrees of demand and improvement. Within the orchestral specialties, group orchestral practice and individual preparation will be strengthened when forming future orchestral instrumentalists. The chamber music, as a work option, will also be taken into account from the first Higher course in order to encourage the establishment of musical groups that have or may have continuity, after the corresponding academic studies (trios, quartets, etc…). Regarding the non-orchestral instruments, the preparation for the soloist and concertist world will be the highest priority from the first course, be it individual or group, in camera or accompaniment.

The Higher Degree, in definite, must be considered not only as a course of improvement and specialization but of insertion in the labor world, in each one of its specialties. Likewise, it must open the door towards a super-structured spatialization in the so-called 3rd or Ph.D. Studies, either theoretical, practical or mixed.

The title of Degree in Musical Interpretation is done with the collaboration of the Higher State Conservatory of Music of Kazan, Russia.

Graduates will receive a double degree: the Official Degree of Higher Degree in Musical Interpretation. approved as a University Degree and regulated and issued by said Conservatory, and the Higher Degree – Artistic Diploma – from the AIMB.

DIRECTED TO: to young people over the age of 18 who have passed the Bachelor’s degree.

EDUCATIONAL OFFER: the 4 academic courses are structured in the following classes, days and hours. 1st cycle (2 years) from Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 2nd cycle (2 years) from Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

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